Winstrol Alternative – A Review to Winidrol

USA_crazybulk_winidrol_front_1200x1200Physique Maintenance through Winidrol

Winidrol is the legal version for the banned Winstrol. Winstrol was used as an aid to muscle retention during the cutting period, but harmful side effects were recognized; hence, the drug was deemed illegal.

Winstrol has been proven to cause the following side effects: trigger acne and worsen it if it is already present, cause sleeping problems, and nausea as well as headaches and swelling of the ankles. Gender specific side effects have also been cited: males may experience continuous erections while females have reportedly complained of facial hair growth, disturbance in menstrual cycle, and hoarse voice.

Winidrol however, eliminates those side effects, but retains the benefits. It strengthens bones and builds muscle mass. It also reduces body fat without compromising the mass of the muscles. It improves metabolism and increases the density of the muscles. Furthermore, it gives strength and enhances the agility and endurance. Winidrol also hardens muscles and provides a more vascular look.

Suitable for both men and women, it can be taken thrice a day along with regular meals. If you are working out, it is best if you take the supplement at least 30 to 45 minutes before your scheduled workout. Another thing that you should remember is that Winidrol is meant to be taken regularly for two months with a week and a half break. Stacked with other Crazy Bulk products like Clenbuterol or Testosterone Max and Anavar, the product will give you better results.

Winidrol contains ingredients that work together to give you maximum results: Acetyl L carnitine, wild yam root and Choline bitartrate.

Acetyl L carnitine is a branched chain amino acid that carries fat to the mitochondria where it is burned and used as fuel. People in the bodybuilding business call it the “fat cabbie” since it’s literally a transport for fats.

Winidrol also has the muscle preserver with the presence of wild yam root. It is a precursor of DHEA which increases the testosterone level and preserves muscles during the cutting period.

Choline Bitartrate, on the other hand, is the destroyer of accumulated fat in the sense that it produces a liptrotic effect—it encourages the body to use fat as energy throughout the day.

After the bulking season, the cutting season comes next. Maybe you are anxious that all the work you have done in bulking will go to waste, that you’re going to lose all those muscles you worked so hard for. Winidrol addresses that problem. It is a proven fact that this product will preserve muscles and burn fat instead while you are cutting—and you are going to do it safely and legally, without the need for prescriptions or needles.

Crazy Bulk has created sure-fire products to address all the needs of bodybuilders and athletes out there. Its company name is known for its work on this field and they are a household brand in legal steroids. Why settle for less? Why risk losing all the work in your bulking season? Why compromise your health? With Winidrol, it’s an all-win situation.


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