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The Wonders of Crazy Bulk

In this day and age, many people are becoming more and more health conscious. There are many factors that trigger this phenomenon such as the high rates of spreading diseases or peer pressure from friends who are gym enthusiasts. In achieving a perfect masculine form, several methods are being done such as trying out different diet regimens and cardio or weightlifting exercises. One of the emerging trends is using supplements. This article will discuss the safe and legitimate supplements of Crazy Bulk.

What It Is

Crazy Bulk supplements are meant for bodybuilding. Unlike steroids, which are known to have health implications when used excessively, Crazy Bulk promises that with smaller intakes, one can achieve his desired body type. In terms of safety and quality, an individual can be sure that the product is manufactured in GMP accredited laboratories using natural ingredients that are US FDA approved. In addition to this, it is also duly accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the US. These certifications prove that the products are legitimate and that the company follows a standard protocol in manufacturing. Moreover, the materials used pose no health risk to the body of the target consumers.

How It Works

There are two core functions that Crazy Bulk products are known to provide. The first one is the build up of muscle mass through their Bulking Stack and the reduction of fat present in the body through the Cutting Stack. With the intake of both of these, a person will achieve a perfectly toned body while also increasing his physical strength and endurance. It is a total package. Other supplements may shape the body but may lower its stamina, making the person weaker and more prone to sickness. The products under each stack will be discussed below.

IngredientsCrazy Bulk Ingredients

The Bulking Stack aims to increase muscle mass through the intake of any of the following four supplements:

  1. Anadrole (Anadrol) – This is a product of DHEA, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Shilajat, Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate and Tribulus (10:1) combined all together to hasten the creation of the body’s supply of nitric oxide. This element is needed to improve the metabolic operations as well as to regulate the flow of the blood. It is responsible in making sure that the nutrients are taken to the muscles to facilitate its growth.
  2. D-Bal (Dianabol) – This is made through the use of Colostrum, Inosine, L-Leucine, L-valine, L-Isoieucine and DHEA. These elements are known to increase the rate of muscle growth by aiding the process of protein synthesis and increasing nitrogen retention. It also reduces the person’s stress levels by increasing his capability to adjust to tasks – no matter how many it may be.
  3. Trenorol (Trenbolone) – Sitoserols, Colostrum, Pepsin, Samento Bark, and Daucosterol are needed to produce this supplement. It is a modification of Trenbolone and is proven to be more effective than the former. It also aids in the metabolic processes that make an individual livelier and more eager to work out. Abundance of energy to do cardio or weight-lifting exercises can remove all those unnecessary fats.
  4. Decaduro (Deca Durabolin) – The ingredients used to produce this supplement are L-Arginine, Wild Yam root, DHEA, AKG, Yukka Bark, and L-Citruline. One of the main function of this product is to further toughen the body by triggering the increase in muscle mass. It also allows the body to regain strength and recover immediately after a tiring workout by facilitating the production of collagen.

After the process of improving the muscle mass, the Cutting Stack focuses on reducing the non-essential fats to attain that firm and muscular body. The supplements under this stack are as follows:

  1. Anvarol (Anavar) – Whey protein, Nerde, Soy protein, wild yam, ATP and amino acid blend are some of its ingredients. It cuts the unneeded fats by removing the subcutaneous portions or those that are visible to the eyes, and the visceral types or those that are wrapped around the internal organs and which are more dangerous than the former.
  2. Testo Max (Sustanon) – Some of the ingredients used to produce this supplement are DHEA, L-Carnitine, Tribulus Terrestris, Vitamin E and Alpha Lipoic acid. It also functions as catalyst to hasten the recovery of a person after going through a strenuous activity. One key feature of this supplement that men love is its ability to increase the sexual drive. No wonder, many male customers prefer this product.
  3. Winidrol (Winstrol) – It is manufactured through the use of Choline Bitartrate, DMAE, Oleic acid, L-Carnitine, and Linoleic acid (CLA). It promotes normal metabolism and enhanced capabilities of the body to do exercise routines.
  4. Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol) – Niacin, Aurantium, Garcinnia gum, Niacinmide are some of its ingredients. It facilitates reduction in fats through the reduction of the cravings of food intake so that a person loses the urge to always prepare or buy something to eat.

The results in the form of a better body build can be seen when the two sets of supplements are taken simultaneously. As mentioned in the description above, their functions are complementary to each other. A person cannot expect to achieve firmness in the muscles if he has not yet lost the unnecessary fats in his body; it must always go hand in hand.


In the discussions above, it can be noted that the products of Crazy Bulk are certified to be safe and legal since the ingredients are all natural. Several other benefits to the consumers are enumerated below:

  • Improved body processes like metabolism and recovery. It is easier to do intense training without having to worry that an individual may not be able to function just the same afterwards. It also lessens the food cravings that most people, wanting those firm muscles, suffer from.
  • The results of their products have been tested and proven.
  • There is zero to minimal side effects unlike in using steroids.
  • No hassle in purchasing the products since it can be bought online and can be delivered everywhere.
  • It can be taken orally unlike other injectible supplements.

Crazy Bulk also believes that the muscle build up will be a hundred percent successful if a person includes the supplements in a healthy lifestyle too. Some of the recommendations that should go along with taking the supplements are found below.

  1. Consume a healthy, clean and well-balanced diet.
    Ensure that the foods being eaten are clean and cooked well, and have a variety of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fiber. These three are responsible for the following functions: (1) supply energy, (2) improve cell functions and (3) aid in the metabolic processes.
  2. Have eight hours of sleep, or at least get enough rest.
    Sleep also helps in regaining lost energy and gives time for the body functions to recharge. It is important to always make it a habit to get eight hours of sleep or rest during times that you feel exhausted.
  3. Always include 8-10 glasses of water in your daily routine.
    Drinking 8-10 glasses of water keeps the body hydrated which is needed in maintaining lubricated and energized muscles as well as weight loss. It helps in taking out other fats in the body.
  4. Eliminate consumption of alcoholic beverages.
    Alcoholic drinks can lead to an increase in weight since they offer about seven calories per gram of intake. It is also one of the reasons for having interrupted patterns of sleep, which can cause an escalation to your current weight.
  5. Improve or modify exercise routines.
    Cardio exercises help in eliminating fats while weight lifting activities facilitate the toning and bulking of muscles. Keep on moving those muscles to achieve better results.
  6. Maintain discipline by following a program of daily activities.
    A person’s commitment to staying healthy and having those perfectly toned muscles coupled with the discipline of practicing the above mentioned steps can bring him to success.


To further prove the safety and effectiveness of the products, below are some of the testimonials from some of the actual product users.

“If you are looking for a safe steroid alternative for fast muscle development, Crazy Bulk is the best choice for you. Learn to use the product within the right quantities for better results.” Workout Nova

“The great thing about Crazy Bulk and how you can achieve the maximum results is the ability to stack various products together. This really is a breakthrough concept for the supplement industry and one that has caused a huge demand for the brand.” Joseph Santini

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Crazy Bulk supplements offer toning and shaping of muscles in the body. It can be achieved through their Bulking and Cutting Stacks. Each stack offers different products based on a person’s needs. Crazy Bulk also provides complementing supplements unlike other brands that only offer muscle leaning or building supplements, but not both. Crazy Bulk products are FDA approved and manufactured at GMP certified laboratories ensuring that they are safe and legal. Incorporating the supplements into a healthy and disciplined lifestyle will surely lead to success. The products are available online and can be delivered anywhere across the region. Click here to visit CrazyBulk official site!

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