Can you get cut and buff at the same time?

490399610_XSCan you really lose fat and gain or build muscle at the same time? Yes it’s really possible. Because when you do weight lifting or exercising you are gaining muscles that is a common knowledge and everybody knows that, and that is actually the very reason why most people lifts and exercise. But did you realize that when you do lifts and exercise you are actually also increasing your body’s metabolism thus increasing your body’s ability to burn fats? This is rather more effective with the people who just started exercising or bodybuilding. Because their body is experiencing something new that triggers the body to burn fats and gain muscle faster than the people who are used in bodybuilding. This accelerated muscle gain and fat loss can also occur on people who recently stopped exercising due to some reasons like maybe sickness, for a few weeks, then starts again.

Some people may think that body fat is plainly just”fat”, a negative thing that you need to get rid of and get out of your body. To be more specific, Body fat is actually a stored energy or stored calories housed inside our body to provide the needed energy to move for the day or so. The problem would then be in your diet, because to be able to burn fat means you should have some decrease in calories or calorie shortage. While to be able to gain muscles you would need a lot of it. There wouldn’t be any diet around that can give justice to that situation. So to lose fats and gain muscle at the same time, you will have to experience a repeated cycle of increase and decrease of body calories. The problem with losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time would be that it could possibly slow down both of the process. And while you are actually gaining muscles, you are also gaining a bit of fats by the increased intake of calories.

You have two options you can choose to follow if you are dedicated to have your body get ripped. First would be that, if you really want to lose fats and gain muscles at the same time, the process as said earlier would be slower so you would need lots of patience. It would require a lot of your time and effort and dedication to lose fats and gain muscles you wanted, but thinking that you will be able to achieve these both at the same time despite of the fact that it will take long, would be really rewarding and worth it. Your second choice would be to just do one after the other. That would be, gaining lots of muscles as fast as you can, accepting the fact that you also gain fats with the process, when you achieve the amount of muscles you desire, you can start changing your diet and go all-out with losing all the fats gained on the gaining muscle process.

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