Can You Build Muscle without Taking Whey Protein?

protein-musclesWhey protein is probably one of the best sources of protein nowadays. It can possibly aid, because it’s a supplement made just for that sole purpose, but it is not intended to replace anything. They are incredibly beneficial yes, but thinking deeply about this topic, people from years and years before were losing unwanted weight and doing bodybuilding naturally without taking any kind of supplement or help from drugs. But if you really are looking for some assistance, you can option to consume other natural and cheaper types of proteins.

Paleo Protein is the first option, it is just a mixture of egg white, whole egg, and some beef protein isolate. You would not have to worry about some side effect on consuming dairy and you can get enough of BCAAs, glutamine and leucine to maximize the protein synthesis with this protein powder. You will just have to worry a little about consuming too much of the ingredients here because they are usually already added into your daily meals.

High Quality Vegetarian Protein Powder is your second option, this is probably the best option for the vegetarians who do not like whey protein in their diet. Mostly you would not have add any extra supplement with this.

Blue Rice or Pea Protein then add Leucine is the third option, you just have to combine blue rice and pea protein, then you have to add 3 grams of leucine to make a protein shake. The leucine is really bitter so it is best to choose a strong flavoured shakes.

Glutamine and BCAA/EAAs Mega Dose is the fourth option, you will just use the amino acids and forget about the protein all together. You have to consume 10 to 20 grams of BCAA/EAAs before and after your workout, then 5 to 20 grams of glutamine again before and after the workout. It will taste really bad so be ready to add some flavour into it. The glutamine in here is really important as it boosts the speed of the leucine entering your cell which is commonly 60 minutes minimizing it to only around 10 minutes. A great boost indeed.

You can try these other options if you find whey protein to be expensive for you, or you don’t like how it taste or of it does not really work for you. But you can totally bulk up without any added supplements by just following a good healthy diet that is packed with lots of vegetables and fruits and some whole grains which are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, etc. these will help you achieve getting your body bulk up and get ripped the right way. Also, choosing the right workout routines or exercises will cooperate in a more effective and faster muscle build ups. It is best that you build up lots of muscles while you are young and strong, so that when you are aging you can still be strong do a lot of things that people who don’t exercise cannot do. You just have to maintain it and you will live a happier and longer life with your beloved family.


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